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5 Health transformations you need to try today!

Struggling to come up with New Year’s health resolutions, but have no idea where to start? Here are a few good suggestions of Health Transformations to start you making your own resolutions. Feel free to customize for your own needs!

1. GET FIT (Health Transformations Basic)

Health Transformations

– Nothing like the Holiday Season to make you procrastinate. After all, New Year was just around the corner, so why not just start the exercise program next year? But you know what they say about the single step that begins a 1,000 – mile journey. Start small, start today.

– If you’ve been out of shape for some time, visit your doctor first to make sure that you are fit enough to embark on a fitness regime.

– Need a head start? Why not check out Cool Sculpting? It helps you get rid of stubborn fat and gives you twice the results within half the time.

– Also, it’s not necessary that you need to have a muscular or toned body for being fit. Being fit basically means being able to do anything or everything without much efforts


Health Transformations

– Years pass, looks age, but everyone dreams of preserving that look from secondary school as if not a year has passed.

So take good care of your skin – the largest organ of your body needs just as much “maintenance” as your heart, lungs or bleeps.

– If you are traveling this holiday season, bring along lots of moisturizer and sun-block. Excessive exposure to the sun is the main contributor to premature aging of the skin. Doctors recommend at least SPF 50 for optimal protection.


Health Transformations

– The Holiday Season is a time to get together and be merry. Normally, this means many servings of turkey roast and holiday sweets.

– Do try to stay healthy by eating more respectively. wholesome food and limiting your intake of junk food.

– Speak to your doctor or dietician for recommendations of a clean diet that will help you in shedding the pounds.


Health Transformations

– Everyone knows the health hazards of smoking, yet finds it difficult to kick the ‘habit’. Quitting smoke is the most important aspect of health transformations.

– Speak to your doctor who can advise you on ways to quit smoking.

– Think you already know all about nicotine replacement methods? You’ll be surprised to find that your doctor may be able to provide you with more information on their potential risks and benefits.

– If smoking has affected your skin and hair, consider hyaluronic acid mesotherapy for your skin and PRP for your scalp. They can restore youth to your skin and hair. (Just google it :P)


Health Transformations

– Your sex life is an important part of your relationship

– If you are not performing well in bed, a number of reasons could be the cause such as psychological ones (depression, guilt), health-related {Diabetes Mellitus, certain medications), and hormonal changes (drop in Testosterone).

– Pay a visit to your doctor to get your medical history screened so the cause can be identified and the right solution recommended.

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