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Stop mocking Anushka Sharma! It’s not funny anymore

Ever since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli broke up, Anushka has featured in lot of social media mockery. Be it Kohli’s best performance or the worst one, people have been blaming and making fun of this ‘Rab ne banadi jodi’ star. While everyone was praising Virat Kohli’s performance in the matches, various memes and trolls about Anushka exploded on the internet.

She is not responsible for Virat’s best or worst performances

Honestly, if Virat did not give his best, his and Anushka’s relationship is definitely not the reason. Similarly, if he has given a power packed performance in World T20, it is not because of their breakup. So stop this “thanking Anushka for giving back Virat Kohli” non-sense. Neither failure nor does his success has anything to do with Anushka Sharma or their relationship

Cheap jokes and linking her with other cricketers

These jokes were in a bad taste when they started linking Band Baja Baarat actress with Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and many others. Recently, Hardik Pandya gave his best performance in India vs Bangladesh T20 match. Internet flooded with Anushka Sharma asking for Hardik’s number. This tries to portray a filthy message of Anushka being in a desperate need of a boyfriend.

Anushka Sharma
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This is not it! Some jokes are so bad that I almost lost faith in humanity.

Virat’s take on Anushka Sharma jokes

Virat Kohli showed that he is not only a best cricketer, but a gentleman. He took a stand for Anushka and is sorry for whatever is happening on the internet. He says it is shameful that some people are trolling Anushka Sharma nonstop. She has no control over his victory or defeat. He has posted a picture on twitter and instagram stating how shameful would it be if someone would have done it to your girlfriend, sister or wife.

..This gave birth to some hypocrisy

Anushka Sharma IMG_20160329_150549Few hours after Virat’s post, Being Indian posted an image supporting his views. This was quite shocking as the famous YouTube Channel Being Indian were following the same path of mockery. They posted a picture thanking Anushka for giving Kohli back. Little did they know that we notice everything!

It is really disappointing to see how Indians are enjoying this type of cheap humour. I honestly have lost respect for all my friends who have shared such jokes.  I am not a big Anushka Sharma fan, but as a human being, I hope this brings at least a little change in society.

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