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Drinking Water Myths

Your solution to every problem you have researched for would end up with water. Be it losing weight, glowing skin, solving digestion problems etc. Water has some magical qualities? There are myths regarding it and this is because of incomplete knowledge! Let’s get a clear picture about Drinking water Myths

#1 Drinking water during meals.
There are NO scientific reasons claimed about drinking water in between your meals. Most of the sources says that your digestion process slows down. If you think drinking water reduces your appetite, forego this thought right away!

#2 Drinking 8-10 glass of water.
This is an old aged myth which has travelled down to generations through out the continents. Scientists DIDN’T find any connection between drinking glasses of water all day and good health.

#3 Water for glowing skin.
Our human body is already made up of 60% of water. People around believes that if you drink more water it helps your skin to glow. This is a myth. However your glowing skin does not only depends on intake of water, there are other factors too such as lifestyle, healthy diet, environment around, etc.

#4 Purifying the body.
Purification totally depends upon the kidneys as it acts as natural filters for our body. Drinking excess water does not removes toxins from the body, infact the power of the kidney slows down if more water is consumed.

#5 Excess water for energy.
Doctors have clearly stated that drinking excess water is harmful for your body as it increases the concentration of salts in our body. Also there won’t be excretion of excess water as urine as kidneys are over worked.

I hope you now have a clear picture about the facts of water and now you can guide others too who believe in these drinking water myths.
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