8 Apps That WIll Save You Lots Of Money

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Apps that will save you lots of money:

1 . All products and Services -Nearbuy by Groupon


Nearbuy has got deals for Food&Drinks, Spa&Salon, Things To Do, Health&Fitness, Travel deals and various products used in day to day life. It has got awesome deals with nearly 20-50% less cost. It’s easy to use and success rate is almost 100%.

2 . Restaurant Bills, Phone Bills, Salon and more -Crownit


Oh I love this app. Find a restaurant near you which has signed up for Crownit from within the app. Enjoy the meal and snap photo of your bill using the app’s camera. Enjoy 3-20% cashback as crowns (1 Crown= 1 INR) which can be used to pay mobile bills, recharge, or get vouchers of Flipkart, amazon, etc.

Bonus is the weekly rush program of Crownit. Each time you buy a service or snap a bill, you get tickets which can be used to participate in weekly rush program. It’s a lottery system which opens every Friday 3 pm. So far I have won a 100 crowns 3 times and BMS voucher of RS 250. My friends have also won 500 rs amazon and Flipkart vouchers! Definitely worth a try.

Download it here

3 . Compare Prices when you open any shopping app -Voodoo


You are shopping in Flipkart for “senheiser cx 180” earphones. Voodoo opens up as a bubble and shows prices of the same product in other online sites. WOW. I have saved anywhere from Rs.50 to Rs. 500 using this app. Great app to compare the prices without opening and viewing all the apps at once

4 . Cheapest Rates for Hotels, Flights and more -Goibibo


Goibibo claims to give you cheapest rate possible for hotels, flights and bus. With Goibibo you can save up to 65% in hotels and also get up to 100% cashback! It’s excellent to check Goibibo before you book hotels and chances are you end up saving almost 80% cash plus get Goibibo cash as bonus ! Use Promo Code ANERI181 to 2000 GoCash instantly.

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5 . Cabs at lower rates in comparison to Uber -TaxiForSure


By now all of us would have utilized FREE Uber rides we got as promotional offers. And now it’s hurting our pockets each time we book an Uber. But we can’t help it. Now we are used to it. So why not try some other brand which gives you similar services for cheaper rates? Try TaxiForSure. Ample of coupons available online to save you up to 25% of cost.

6 . Your personal Workout Trainer -Sworkit


The moment you join a Gym the trainers will start asking you to take up PT. Here at my gym, a PT Costs me 12000INR for 3 months. So what did I do? I downloaded Sworkit. Most of the exercises are for free, yet you can take up premium to unlock premium exercise and talk with an actual trainer! You can add reminders, look at exercise list and have live demo of exercises all for free ! You Just Saved For An Entire Trip !

7 . Cheap and even free books -Kindle


I love reading books ever since I could read. So no doubt I have been investing in books a lot. When I got my first smartphone, I switched to reading online. Kindle has been my best friend since then. You can subscribe to Kindle for INR 1799 for a year and read 1 million + books for free or you can purchase eBooks which are almost 50% less the cost of a paperback version! Bonus! You save some wood too by going paperless !

8 . For magazine lovers -Magzter

So you love magazine and wants to have tonnes of them. Let’s get real. 1 magazine subscription for a year is roughly around INR 2000 ! Spend 399 per month for a magzter subscription and you can have access to ALL the top magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Outlook, Forbes, and 200+ magazines! It’s definitely a safe bet for magazine lovers!

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8 Apps That WIll Save You Lots Of Money

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