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The times when we are proud of being Indians

Despite of all the things we hate about our country, we do not let others say a damn word about our India. Those are the epic moments,  which makes our inner Bhagat Singh shout, which binds us together, which makes us feel proud of our Country and the moments you feel like living forever. This post is compilation of all that moments we go through in our daily lives:
1 . National Anthem before the Movies:
‘Kindly stand up for the National Anthem’ and we all stand up, straight and proud. Almost every time  I get goosebumps by the time it reaches to Vindhya-Himachal-Yamuna-Ganga ! Something’s there in the National Anthem which really makes us feel patriotic for that 52 seconds!
2 . IND/PAK matches:


This is simply undoubtedly 100% cases with all of us. Whether we are into cricket or not, we all settle down for the IND/PAK matches and hold our breaths till we win ! Indiaaaaaa – Indiaaaa
3 . Movies like Airlift and Neerja:
Some movies entertains us while some really touches our souls. There are movies like Airlift, Neerja, Mary Kom, Baby, D day and many many more which makes us fall in love with Indians. I make sure to read the actual stories after the movie and it makes me super duper proud of Indians.
4 . Praises from Foreign countries:
We have heard praises from all over the world who talks about our Origins, our contributions to our technology. Some political leaders such a Gandhi in past and NaMo in present, people have looked upon our Heroes as an inspiration. That makes us proud. Very proud.
5 . When someone dares to tweet about “intolerant Indians”
Say one word against India and entire India will give u a Karara Jawaab ! Be an Indian or a foreigner, we just cannot tolerate you pointing out our India as ‘Intolerant’. All the time something said against India, we somehow come together and become one.
6 . When people swear by Indian Engineers:
Our child studying in foreign countries, people see them as born engineers! I know friends studying in different parts of world always seen as geeks and they believe they can solve any computer problem. Proud.
7 .When National calamities:
No matter where in India, National calamity occurs and we all stand to help the victims. From sending them ‘Theplas’ to providing fund. Indians always be like, “We got your back, buddies”
8 . When meeting a Soldier:
Me, selfie with the soldier at Tanot Mata Mandir.
While travelling Rajasthan, I visited the Tanot Mata Mandir and later the BP 638. The Soldiers welcomed us, showed their “Play Area” where all the defense system was set. They explained us about the war scene and also how they fought. That made me feel so proud of them.
Watch the video I took while the soldier showed us their , what I call, Play area.(seriously,I do not know what it is called)


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