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Twitter celebrates 10th birthday by thanking it's users

People who say twitter is so boring have definitely not known the right way to use it. It might be boring for few of them but for someone like me who spends half of the day scrolling down the news feed, it is something very important! Trust me on this; I have spent so much time scrolling the feeds that at a point of time I felt like my thumb would just fall off. It’s funny how a list of thoughts that fit in 140 character constraint keeps us engaged all day long. Today, the social media platform that I have been spending half of my day with, has turned 10. Twitter entered into this world 10 years ago on 21st March 2006. Feeling old already??

About Twitter

On Monday, Twitter marked 10 year anniversary. Since 2006, it has changed the way how news is delivered over the period of time. It’s never ending scroll, and a constant reminder on notifications, new tweets and other activities has kept many users intact on Twitter. Politicians, Actors, sportsmen and other celebrities are very fond of this Social Media in order to build their image. Various companies have realized that it is the biggest aspect in terms of marketing. One feature that attracts most of its users is the feature that allows every individual to talk back which no broadcasting channel back then used to allow. The flow of information was rather one way in other sources of news broadcasting.

Twitter history

A small team was working on a texting megaphone. If a person sends a message to 40404, the service would forward it to all of your friends. This product was getting tested at a startup company in San Francisco. During this event, 4 Digital enthusiasts Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Biz Stone gave birth to something they liked to call Twttr. The first ever tweet on 21st march 2006 was tweeted by Evan Williams @ev :

and Jack Dorsey @jack

They were about to launch twttr, however, Apple with its release of iTunes podcasting, crushed their dreams. Somehow they made it go viral and look where it has reached today. From hashtags to mentions, viral memes to news twitter has not left a single aspect unreached.


Love Twitter emoji
Source: IBNlive

On its 10th birthday, it has got a lots of love from its fans. Twans celebrated birthday by posting their love with #LoveTwitter and embed a heart and a bird after every use. This hashtag kept trending all day long. This hashtag generated more than 993k tweets in a day. Today this 10  years of success has marked 320 million active users. Also twitter has launched a special feature of ‘Discover your first Tweet’ where you can type any username and discover the very first Tweet tweeted by them. It would show your first to anyone who searches it; no matter how awkward it is. Also, it launches a video thanking all the fans. It looks like even Twitter team had a very hard time limiting their words to just 140 characters the way they have tried fitting words by using emojis. Watch Twitter’s Birthday video here:

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