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Anant Ambani loses 70 kgs of weight – Exclusive

Remember Anant Ambani? An avid cricket fan and son of the most richest person in India Mukesh Ambani. He is often seen at stadium to cheer for his mother Nita Ambani and her team Mumbai Indians during the IPL season.

Anant Ambani has not featured in any headlines ever. He’s likes to keep it content by sitting at stadium with his mother Nita Ambani during IPL or having little interaction with her team members amid IPL matches. However, he has always been the victim of mockery for Internet trolls who have made fun about his weight.

Anant is very consistent on the IPL match front and is often seen seated in the VIP area of the stadium at each and every Mumbai Indians match, to cheer for the team that is owned by wife of the most richest person in India or Anant’s mom, Nita Ambani.

Do you Recall this photoshopped image that was pretty viral few years back?

Anant Ambani
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Anant Ambani and weight loss

Well, he is not the same old, overweighted Anant Ambani you had made jokes on. He has reportedly made a lot of heads turn during his last visit at a temple in Gujarat. He casts off around 70 kgs of weight which is almost half of what he used to weigh six months back.

Spotted: At Somath Temple

A much changed Anant on Saturday was spotted at the Somath Temple. Everyone who had seen him at the temple were utterly shocked by looking at the difference in weight of Anant Ambani. He looked like a completely different person as to what he used to look before.

Anant Ambani

Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani’s son until almost a year back, used to weigh somewhere around 140 kgs. And can you guess how much does he weigh now? 70 kgs!! Shocking isn’t it? The story is actually a little older.. He was spotted visiting Dwarkadhish temple in Gujarat last month in February. During that time it was reported that he has reduced weight from 208 kgs. Wonder how a weight-loss can lead to a person look ten years younger than what they used to look before! He sure has inspired few of us to take our weight and health seriously. It seems like his life has taken a new Road.

Anant Ambani

Anant Ambani’s workout

As per the sources, Anant has hired a professional trainer all the way from America just to help him lose weight. We have also learnt that Anant has been participating in a couple of marathon runs at Jamnagar, Gujarat at his Reliance refinery. This was a part of his weight loss training program.

Reason behind his overweight

Anant Ambani

However, not a lot of the trolls would know that Anant is suffering from a problem of hypothyroid, it is a disease where a person would put on a lot of weight even after taking very little intake of food and drinks. Due to this type of health condition, his parents and family has been very watchful about him and thus he was hidden from all the paparazzi for a very long time.
No one knew much about him except for the place he was studying was a very ‘reputed education institution.’

This young man is spiritual, a cricket fan and is often found to be accompanied by his parents.

IPL fans will get now be able see a much slimmer, fit Anant Ambani. Go work for the healthier you! Because if Anant Ambani can do it, you could do it too 🙂

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