Exclusive: The Presidential Oscar's.

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Presidential Elections 2016

No matter which part of the world you belong to, you must be aware about United States presidential elections. There has been a huge fuss everywhere on social media, news channels, press media. Though social media has a huge share of dominance in terms of the presidential elections. There are a millions of posts, tweets, shares and re-tweets happening over a period of time. Most commonly used medium is memes or mockery of a particular presidential candidate. It has not been very long since Oscars 2016 has been taken place. Wonder what would happen if presidential candidates each were given an Oscar?

Bernie Sanders in REDS

Image: Reardonreports

This one would undoubtedly go to the Senator who has got well documented anger problems. Although this type of anger is really unfortunate because Sanders is really worth talking about issues like Big Pharma and Wall Street. But with his style, it can sometimes override matter. That makes us all sad. Often anger is an outcome of some sort of confusion. He angry because he wants certain kind of progress in America but this is leading in a wrong way and might create barriers in his way through the presidential elections. #FeelTheBern

Hillary Clinton in THE BIG FAT LIAR

Image : Hillarydaily

The former Democrat Secretary of State has been attempting epic fails in her campaigns. She is trying to act like a common man or woman but literally failing at it. Yet it is surprising that she is still able to fool her audiences with her fake speeches mimicking cadence and behavior of lower classes. She has a million of fake twitter followers which is more than any presidential candidate in 2016 presidential elections. These fake twitter followers include inactive accounts, followers from any bots or followers that are bought. Clinton has inflated speaking about her challenges or accomplishments however she changing her mind about the issues over the time.

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Donald Trump in THE JERK

Image: Twitchy

The guy who took “A Small loan of a million dollar.” This presidential candidate has been getting a lot of fame and defame from all over. People are not sure if he is actually funny or dumb. While some people like his ideologies, some people think he is not a suitable candidate for presidency. His way of talking to people has been marked as rude and mean which is standing against him. There are a lot of memes and jokes going viral about Donald Trump all over the world. This is in a way making him famous. No matter how much you hate his style of campaigns, he is still winning the first place so far among Republicans. Some people love the way he speaks his mind, be it in an inappropriate manner. Makes sense, Donald does speak his mind but there is nothing about presidency that is in his mind :p

Marco Rubio in THE CAESAR

Image : Motherjones

He is termed as Julius Caesar of 2016 in this presidential elections. For a long period of time, audiences saw him as a great debater and one of the strongest candidates. He has targeted a wide number of audiences. Rubio has got too many enemies who consider him as a tough competitor.



He has been termed as the despicable one because of the hatred he has earned. You should look at his own Senate colleagues, if you really want to see how much people hate him. It is so obvious that he is the least liked candidate. He is even hated by his own party.

This election has been with a lot of ups and downs and certainly unpredictable. You would never know what turn would the politics take every other day. Who do you think is the deserving candidate in the presidential elections? Comment down below.

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Exclusive: The Presidential Oscar's.

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