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You are never too young to invest. Today investing world provides enormous possibilities to anybody who have just few bucks with them. All you need to do is figure out various options, check out for good resources in the market and start investing. I have tried to write down few basics below.

1. Systematic Investment Planning (SIP)
This is an excellent way of investing your money for long term financial goals as it creates large funds in your hand at the end. Here, a fixed amount is invested in mutual funds on a specific date every month. ICICI pru focussed bluechip fund, BIRLA SL frontline equity fund, UTI equity fund are some of good options to invest.


2. Metals like Gold and Silver
They are closely related to movements in dollars. It gains when the dollars is weak and falls down when the dollar is strong. It’s a good idea to have some precious metals. You can buy silver coins and gold bars and at an event of financial collapse you can use it as a barter. (Investing too much in it should be avoided)

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3.Tangible Investment
Investing in real estate is the smartest way to generate income. As the name itself says “real asset“. Investing in properties leads to income through various ways such as rents (renting your property for commercial purpose gives more returns), capital appreciation, depreciation write-offs, etc)
It’s a fortune when the estate market booms where in you can flip it for quick profits. (To start with you can invest your money by buying small properties in developing areas). BUY IT. HOLD IT. SELL IT.

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4. Becoming a silent partner
If you provide an investment capital to a small investor, it will expand the existing business and would also be successful. Become a silent owner and  you will be the owner of both business and its income. It generates income with least efforts.

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5.Stock Market
If you can’t stand the thought of losing money you might be afraid to invest it. Yea, I know markets are risky, but investing in long term equity shares generates income faster. Analyse the market and follow the tips given by experts. (Axis equity, Reliance equities, SBI businesses fund are some of the good options).

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This is the most important thing of all. The more you diversify your business the more you would realise what a huge blessing it is to have such an opportunity. It will not only allow you to do experimentation but also you will learn to keep a backup if one of the stream fails. (you will also get to know various income streams)

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7. Re-invest
The income which is generated through dividends, interest on investments, capital gains, abnormal gains in business should be reinvested. Atleast, one third of it should be invested in a way which would create more assets for you. In this way it would almost double your principal amount within few years.

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Pick one of the above, start analysing the options and add to your income stream! Happy EARNINGS!

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